Learn how our Community Response Fund is fighting the impacts of COVID-19.

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable citizens. On far too many occasions, residents find difficulty in accessing essential services they need to succeed. These barriers are often amplified for seniors, people living with disabilities and newcomers, leading to challenges like social exclusion and issues related to mental health.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Improve access and availability of the resources needed to revitalize and strengthen neighbourhoods.

At the core, the foundation for a strong community starts with investing in services and supports for people and families in need. We all share in the benefits of a healthy, vibrant, prosperous community.

Your support

Your support makes a difference. In :

  • Support One

    1,276 people accessed counselling services to improve their sense of security and wellness

  • Support Two

    404 survivors of violence and trauma received safety and recovery treatment to rebuild their lives

  • Support Three

    12,303 referrals made to clients regarding community supports

  • Support Four

    262 individuals with disabilities accessed assistive devices, educational supports, and recreational activities to reduce barrier