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Message de Karen Hourtovenko

Présidente de la campagne 2018-2019

As we look forward to the fall season, and the launch of the United Way Community Campaign, it is my pleasure to be Chair of the 2018-19 United Way Campaign Cabinet.

I’ve been involved with Cabinet for three-years and have been amazed by the dedication and commitment of my fellow cabinet members, and all of our community volunteers who work hard to address and advocate on community issues. As a business owner and resident, I feel strongly about giving back to the community that supports me.

For a variety of reasons, many complex in nature, people in our community – our neighbours, co-workers, friends and families are struggling. They need supports to build brighter futures. That brings me to United Way, a symbol of hope for many in our community. I have been touched by the shared stories of people who have overcome tremendous barriers. Because of the supports received; their lives have been forever changed.

We all can be proactive, to influence our community, to make change happen. Being a part of the United Way Cabinet is one of the ways I choose to give back. Our team is committed to working alongside citizens and organizations; to building new partnerships, to welcoming new volunteers and to being accountable to you. Your financial investments make everything possible.

At United Way, we believe in building strong communities, helping kids and families and creating possibilities for those who struggle with poverty. When we come together and work towards a common vision, we create lasting change.

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Depuis des décennies, UWCNEO se fait un devoir de faire de notre communauté un environnement où chaque personne peut réussir. En plus de mener des recherches et de défendre des intérêts, nous investissons dans les programmes locaux les plus efficaces dans les domaines de la pauvreté, de la communauté et des enfants.