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Partnership Supports Local Youth

United Way Centraide North East Ontario (UWCNEO) and SW Sports and Entertainment are excited to announce the expansion of the WOLVES United partnership to include The Sudbury FIVE in their commitment to raising funds in support of youth and youth mental health programming in the Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts through United FIVE.

“The need in our community for youth and youth mental health-related programs is critical,” says Michael Cullen, Executive Director with UWCNEO. “1 in 4 Canadian children are vulnerable in one or more areas of development such as communication skills, social competency and language development before entering the first grade. 33% of Canadian children aged 15-24 report having issues with mental health or substance abuse. We have an opportunity to change the trajectory of these stats by helping youth strengthen their resiliency, self-esteem, and ability to cope with day-to-day challenges.”

Bob Johnston, VP Basketball Operations with The Sudbury Five adds, “The Sudbury Five is honoured to partner with the United Way. The values of our organization align with that of the United Way, and we believe that professional basketball players have a role to play in our community by motivating and inspiring youth of all walks of life to believe in themselves and to reach their full potential. We look forward to fostering and leveraging this new relationship with United Way to increase funding support to youth and youth mental health initiatives.”

Andrew Dale, VP of Marketing and Development adds, “The Sudbury Wolves and The Sudbury Five strongly believe that children and youth, regardless of their circumstances, should have every opportunity to reach their potential; they are the future. By partnering with United Way, an organization that shares in our belief of helping kids succeed, we know we can continue to create opportunities that otherwise would not be available.”

Revenue generated from the United FIVE 50/50 electronic raffle will be invested in local programming for youth and youth mental health. The 50/50 raffle and the allocation of funds, including the applications, are managed by UWCNEO.

“United Way is grateful to The Sudbury Five and the Sudbury Wolves. We are also grateful to the fans who generously purchase tickets at every home game. Their actions are having a lasting impact in our community,” says Cullen.


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