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GenNext is a program that encourages people in their twenties and thirties to become involved with United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l'Ontario through giving and volunteering.


GenNext Volunteer Awards Winners Celebrated

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United Way Centraide North East Ontario / Nord-est de l’Ontario is thrilled to recognize the volunteer achievements of young people across its territory. Winners of the GenNext Volunteer Awards emulate the true spirit of volunteerism and are recognized for their passion, dedication and community impact.

The purpose of the GenNext Volunteer Awards is to honour and celebrate volunteers aged 20 to 39 for exceptional work in his or her community. In its sixth year, the GenNext Volunteer Awards have recognized the contributions of close to 50 dynamic young people.

This year’s (2018) distinguished winners include:

Mira El Darazi





Volunteer Excellence -

Mira El-darazi

Luca Masetti





Animal Welfare –

Luca Masetti

Active Living and Wellbeing –

Cassandra Taylor

Cassandra Taylor

Mélodie Noel Cyr




Arts and Culture –

Mélodie Noel Cyr

Bobbie Lee Brushett



Leadership –

Bobbie-Lee Brushett 

Mélanie Rose Frappier



Leadership -

Mélanie-Rose Frappier

Sebastian Diebel




Mentorship –

Sebastian Diebel 

Simon DiebelMentorhip -

Simon Diebel

Nilgiri Pearson



Social Justice – Nilgiri Pearson





The GenNext Awards Selections Committee had a very difficult task in choosing the award recipients from among the many excellent volunteers nominated this year. Thank you to each volunteer who donates their time, energy and/or resources to making a difference in our communities!


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