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GenNext Workplace Ambassador Program

What is a GenNext Workplace Ambassador?

A GenNext Workplace Ambassador is the voice of GenNext in your workplace.
You will be a member of your workplace’s campaign committee and/or staff and responsible for ensuring that your organization delivers a message relevant to employees in their 20s and 30s about United Way. The goal of this program is to encourage this age demographic to get more involved in the work of United Way.

Key Responsibilities

1. Get the message across
Work with your campaign committee and/or staff to ensure the message reaches your peers in their 20s and 30s. Share information in-person and via social media about United Way – its focus areas, impact in the community, volunteer opportunities, events and more. We need you to be an ambassador for United Way in your workplace!

2. Plan fundraising events
Plan and promote events that will appeal to GenNexters at your workplace and get them involved. All dollars raised will go in support of United Way’s Community Fund.

3. Collect feedback from your peers
Get your co-workers talking about United Way and philanthropy and encourage a general sense of interest and excitement about the United Way campaign.

Benefits to the Company

Engage employees in their 20s and 30s to participate in the workplace campaign
Build dedication and commitment amongst the GenNext demographic
Utilize the knowledge of GenNext individuals on how to best reach GenNexters with the giving message
Use motivated, dedicated individuals to increase the giving rate of the GenNext demographic within the workplace
Give employees in their 20s and 30s an opportunity to use their leadership, organizational and communication skills to contribute to our community and your company


What’s in it for YOU?

➤ A chance to do something in our community to strengthen United Way’s three focus areas: From Poverty to Possibility, Healthy People Strong Communities and All That Kids Can Be
➤ Demonstrate leadership, communication and organization skills
➤ Get training and experience planning and leading events
➤ Network with other, like-minded GenNexters – within your organization and within the United Way GenNext Ambassadors network
➤ Interact with people in your workplace outside your department/area
➤ Learn more about United Way and how you can get involved outside of the workplace campaign


➤ You will receive training and information about what you need to do and some ideas about events and communication strategies.
➤ You will be connected to a network of GenNext Ambassadors doing the same job in other workplaces and will be supported by United Way staff and volunteers.


➤ To become a GenNext Workplace Ambassador, please fill out this application for and submit to

Sarah Dost This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

➤ To access the GenNext Workplace Ambassador toolkit please click here! 

For event ideas click here!




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