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Young Leaders on Board Program Sudbury

Young Leaders on Board now accepting applications in Sudbury

United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario is now accepting applications for the Young Leaders on Board Program in Sudbury.

United Way’s mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. Its Young Leaders on Board Program is a unique program that offers young people the opportunity to receive in-class board training as well as volunteering at the leadership level as an intern on a local non-profit Board of Directors. Young Leaders on Board is one important way in which United Way achieves its mission. This program provides leadership development to young adults, provides a recruitment pool of trained individuals for local boards, and strengthens the community at large. A strong board oversees a strong organization that can deliver superior programming to the community.

People aged 20 to 35 can apply to participate in the Program, which runs from September through March in Sudbury.

As well as program participants, we are actively recruiting for host boards - local not for profit boards that are willing to mentor a future community leader.

Application deadline is September 11.

For more information on how you can apply for the program, please contact Linda Dupuis, Community Initiatives Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 705-560-3330 ext. 222


What is the Young Leaders on Board Program?

The purpose of the Program is to enable young adults, aged 20-35, to serve on boards of directors of nonprofit organizations as INTERNS. The program provides both this experiential component as well as in-class training.

What is a Board of Directors?

A board of directors is a group of volunteers who have been elected to govern an organization. Boards usually focus on the “big picture” and long term issues, while staff focus on day-to-day issues. All boards make decisions around policy, finances, goals and the overall direction of the organization.

What are the benefits of participating in the Program?

  • Gain networking experiences
  • Acquire new skills
  • Influence how decisions are made and make a difference
  • Gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics in a fun learning environment
  • Meet other young people interested in leadership

How much time does it take?

The time requirements vary from agency to agency. Most boards meet once a month for approximately 2 hours. After the initial interviews, there will be a one day orientation for Young Leaders on Board participants. Subsequent months will require a commitment of 6 hours to attend both the board meeting and the monthly training session.

What kind of training is provided?

The following topics may be covered during the training sessions:
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Role of the Board
  • Board Models
  • Leadership Styles
  • Meeting Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Financial Statements
  • Policy Development
  • Community Relations

What do I have to do to get accepted into the Program?

Applications for the 2017-2018 are now available for Sudbury. Apply early! Late applications may not be accepted if the program is full.


Linda Dupuis
Community Initiatives Manager
United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l'Ontario
957 Cambrian Heights Drive, Unit 201 Sudbury ON P3C 5S5
Phone: 705-560-3330 ext. 222
Fax: 705-560-3337
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If successful, you will be contacted for a telephone interview.



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