Together, we are possibility.

Our Focus Areas

Helping Kids Be All They Can Be


Focus: access to early childhood learning and development programs, helping kids graduate and transitioning into adulthood.


With your help, our funded programs and partners are able to help kids/families:
• Reach their full potential
• Enhance social skills
• Build confidence
• Strengthen relationships with peers

Children and youth are the future of our communities.

To be successful, independent adults, children and youth need a good start in life; access to early literacy and development programs; positive school experiences during the middle years and to graduate from high school. They also benefit from recreational activities, mentor relationships with adult role models and opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests.

Building Strong Communities

Focus: access to social and health-related support services, resident and community engagement, integration and independence.


With your help, our funded programs and partners are able to help individuals/families/seniors by:
• Providing access to our neighbours who require mobility, sight & hearing equipment, services & training
• Helping those who need a ride to a medical appointment or to get to where they need to go
• Ensuring that not only counselling is available but one on one interaction
• Offering training and support to future leaders

Within the focus building strong communities, United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l'Ontario supports programs that work to engage and mobilize residents to take collective actions. They may improve access to, and availability of, resources needed to revitalize and strengthen neighbourhoods where residents can experience a sense of safety and well-being.

Moving People From Poverty To Possibility

Focus: moving people out of poverty and meeting basic human needs.


With your help, our funded programs and partners are able to help individuals/families:
• Find affordable housing
• Learn/enhance life skills
• Further and develop employment skills
• Gain access to personal hygiene products, emergency food and shelter

Poverty is a complex, often long-lasting, issue. The cycle of poverty is extremely difficult to overcome and can continue for several generations. United Way Centraide North East Ontario/ Nord-est de l'Ontario is committed to ensuring access to support for families and individuals. We support numerous programs to give individuals the ability to avoid, stabilize, or transition out of the cycle of poverty.

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