Together, we are possibility.
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Stars and Thunder 50/50

For information including Ticket Number, Lottery Licence, and Rules of Play. Click Here!

Every year, thousands of individuals and families are supported by a United Way funded program here in our community and across North East Ontario.

Together, with your support, we help build stronger neighbourhoods and communities, help move people from a life of poverty to one of possibility and help children and youth get a good start and a chance to achieve their dreams.

These inspiring stories are a testament to how your donation is changing lives. Behind every changed life is someone who made it happen.



Latest News & Events

Stars and Thunder 50/50 Canada Day

2018-07-02 02:24:54

               July 1, 2018    Stars and Thunder Canada Day    Donna Lazure & Laura Pezzola   $36,160   Winning Ticket Number A-101713

Stars and Thunder 50/50 DAY 7

2018-07-01 04:10:36

         June 30, 2018    Stars and Thunder Day 7    Terry and Karen   $22,270   Winning Ticket Number A-211360

Stars and Thunder 50/50 DAY 6

2018-06-30 03:35:03

       June 29. 2018    Stars and Thunder Day 6    Allan Lander   $12,745.00   Winning TIcket Number A-910935

Stars and Thunder 50/50 DAY 5

2018-06-29 04:12:06

       June 28, 2018   Stars and Thunder Day 5   Carole Shumilak   $10,595   Winning Ticket Number A-216580


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