Together, we are possibility.
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Every year, thousands of individuals and families are supported by a United Way funded program here in our community and across North East Ontario.

Together, with your support, we help build stronger neighbourhoods and communities, help move people from a life of poverty to one of possibility and help children and youth get a good start and a chance to achieve their dreams.

These inspiring stories are a testament to how your donation is changing lives. Behind every changed life is someone who made it happen.



Latest News & Events

Giving Hearts Pole Walking

2017-11-15 16:23:57

Porketta BINGO

2017-10-05 14:51:50

Porketta Bingo

WOLVES United Call for Funding Applications for Youth and Yo

2017-10-05 14:43:23

SUDBURY, ON - Today, Sudbury Wolves Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the Sudbury Wolves Hockey Club and United Way Centraide North East Ontario / Nord-est de l’Ontario announced that charities may apply for the WOLVES United 50/50 funding in the City of Greater Sudbury and the Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts. The WOLVES United Electronic 50/50 Raffle proceeds will be used for ca

211 Low Budget Healthy Alternatives For Thanksgiving

2017-10-02 17:01:58

ROASTED CABBAGETECHNIQUE:Cut green cabbage in half and remove the core by cutting it outSliver the cabbage into ½ inch wedgesGently oil a cookie sheet or small caserole dishLay the cabbage flat and brush with chopped garlic/oil mixtureGARLIC/OIL MIX FOR ROASTED CABBAGE½ cup chopped garlic½ cup light olive oil3 lemons juicedBrush the garlic oil mixture on the cabbage, roast at 360-370 for about


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