United Way Centraide North East Ontario/Nord-est de l’Ontario Statement Opposing Racism

Recent events in Canada and around the world have exposed our society’s uncomfortable truth: racism is harming our communities. Systemic racism exists in our institutions, across all sectors, and has caused significant disparities with long-lasting impact, particularly for Black, Indigenous and  People of Colour and communities. These issues are not new nor easily resolved.

As community builders, we must work harder to ensure Canada becomes a truly equitable, safe and inclusive place, particularly for Indigenous peoples and racialized communities. We are taking steps to challenge our own ways of working and thinking. We are developing new strategies on both Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Indigenous Collaboration that will impact all areas of our work.
This work is a journey for us as individuals and as an organization. We recognize the time and resources it will require and that it won’t happen overnight. We know it requires us to listen and learn. And we anticipate uncomfortable challenges along the way, which we will face head on. 

We are committed to doing our part to build a more equitable future and to realize our vision of a country where everyone in every community has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Thank you for your continued support!