• Our Focus Areas

Focusing on the needs of our community.

For decades, United Way Centraide North East Ontario has been a part of the social fabric that connects our community.

We work to understand and respond to our community’s most critical needs and target your investments where they will show the greatest results.

Poverty to Possibility

For many people in our community, poverty is a daily and difficult struggle. It forces people to make impossible decisions like paying rent or putting food on the table. The complexity of poverty has many contributing factors. Its social and economic issues impact entire communities and everyone who lives in them.


Meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving everyone the opportunity to succeed.

United Way Centraide North East Ontario along with our partners are helping to provide the foundational building blocks of a good life. This includes ensuring that essential services such as emergency shelter, food, employment, financial sustainability support and training programs are available when and where they are needed.


Your support makes a difference. In 2020:

111,844 nutritious meals, snacks and food boxes were provided improving access to healthy food

288 individuals maintained permanent housing

8,834 people accessed essential supports to help meet basic needs including food, shelter and clothing

15,379 referrals provided to individuals needing access to community supports

Building Strong Communities

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable citizens. On far too many occasions, residents find difficulty in accessing essential services they need to succeed. These barriers are often amplified for seniors, people living with disabilities and newcomers, leading to challenges like social exclusion and mental illness.


Improve access and availability of the resources needed to revitalize and strengthen neighbourhoods.

At the core, the foundation for a strong community starts with investing in services and supports for people and families in need. We all share in the benefits of a healthy, vibrant, prosperous community.


Your support makes a difference. In 2020:

3,124 people accessed mental health supports to improve their sense of security and wellness

1,086 safety and recovery treatment sessions were available to survivors of violence and trauma to rebuild their lives

2,262 individuals accessed social supports and outreach to increase their sense of belonging

17,183 participants in workshops and training sessions aimed at improving life skills, violence prevention and developing healthy

Helping Kids Be All That Kids Can Be

Children and youth are one of our community’s greatest assets. The reality is, far too many young people are struggling. Poverty, food insecurity, mental illness, safe places and spaces, and a lack of early years supports can have life-long effects including their ability to finish high school. United Way sees the potential in our youngest citizens and that youth engagement and targeted community supports are instrumental in life-long success.


To give children and youth in our community the support they need to get a great start in life, do well in school and reach their potential.


Your support makes a difference. In 2020:

3,878 activities to build leadership skills, make informed lifestyle choices, and increase emotional well-being were offered to

3,308 youth accessed programs to build resiliency, increase community connection and improve their physical and mental wellbeing

1,323 sessions were offered to help children better meet educational and developmental milestones

649 children and youth participated in programs supporting literacy and numeracy for a more successful educational transition