Everyday Heroes are amongst us.

If you look, you will see them everywhere. At work. In your neighbourhood. On the news or in line at the local store. They quietly go about their day, doing what comes naturally, helping people in need. They don’t wear capes, fly, or have super-human powers but their actions are just as powerful. They tackle tough issues, provide hope, and inspire lasting change.


Are you ready to join this mighty group of local change-makers in their quest to do good? Are you ready to become our next Everyday Hero?

For as little as $1 a day, you can put your super-giving powers into action to have an incredible impact in the community. No capes required.


How your $365 donation makes a difference:

  • Help a vulnerable senior access 36 hot meals delivered right to their door.
  • Provide academic support to two students through a homework club.
  • Provide 5 hours of grief counselling to a person struggling.
  • Provide 70 hygiene kits to people that are homeless or at risk of being homeless.