It's time to bring affordable housing home

It’s time to bring affordable housing home.

We all know how important a safe, affordable and accessible home is. It’s foundational to building a stable life – to accessing everything from employment and education to food and social services.

An affordable home is also out of reach for far too many in our province, especially lower income residents, with one quarter of renter households in Ontario living in core housing need and nearly two in five paying unaffordable rents. The devastating impact of housing instability isn’t limited to the wellbeing of individuals and families, this growing unmet need increases pressure on community programs and services, and other negative impacts for communities. The need and our shared obligation are clear. We must find a way to house Ontarians – all Ontarians.

That’s why United Ways across Ontario, in collaboration with our non-profit sector partners — Canadian Centre for Housing Rights, Ontario Alliance to End Homelessness, Ontario for All, and Ontario Nonprofit Network – convened 20 local consultations, drawing on the expertise of 400 non-profit housing leaders to develop a plan for action.