• Supporting Older Adults

Ontario now has more people aged 65 or older than there are children and youth. The older adult population is the largest it has ever been – and still growing.

An aging population faces many different challenges, and for vulnerable individuals, the challenges are even greater. As older adults start to lose their independence and ability to care for themselves, they experience a decline in both their physical and mental health. Regardless of their circumstances, older adults need a strong support system in place to help them live out their golden years with dignity and respect.


Local services are a lifeline

When older adults have opportunities to stay healthy and active in their community, it benefits everyone. United Way and its network of community partners are dedicated to ensuring vital services are available to help older adults lead happy, healthy lives. This includes:

  • Access to nutritious meals and basic needs
  • Regular wellness checks
  • Opportunities for social connection and mentorship


Always United – Always Engaged

Older adults want to hold onto their independence and stay connected to the community. Always United is the ideal way to keep older adults engaged and relevant as they transition from the workforce into retirement. By investing in today’s wisest generation, we can remove some of the barriers that makes older adults vulnerable, and in turn, allow them to use their strengths for the betterment of the community.


Keeping Seniors Warm

Close to 13% of older adults are believed to be living in poverty. We know what it’s like living in Northern Ontario. Keeping Seniors Warm ensures that our older citizens aren’t going without a warm winter coat and decent boots…especially in remote Northern areas.



Investing where it matters

United Way advocates for change and invests resources where they’re needed most and will have the greatest impact. But we can’t do it alone. Together with our donors, we can ensure our region’s vulnerable seniors maintain their independence while building strong social connections.

Please consider donating to our Community Fund to help more seniors access programs and resources.